Avengers Infinity War Trailer review

So the official trailer of Avenger’s Infinity War is now here and everybody has been dying to see it even I was hyped to see this trailer. Ever since comic con trailer to this third film I really wanted to see it and having all the Avengers banning together to face off Thanos.



A few things that I like about this trailer is Spider-Man’s new suit The Iron Spider, the action, Thanos line that he took from The Joker’s line from ’89 Batman, “Put a smile to my face”, and lastly at the end were seeing The Guardians of the Galaxy. It does look epic and I’m very stoked to see it in theaters. They’ll might add a few more details and characters because this is a trailer they don’t want us to show too much. Is anyone else ready for Avengers Infinity War and who is your favorite marvel/avenger character?