The BIG SURPRISE Ending to the Cult of Chucky and a cameo. (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

It seems now that there was a surprising ending after the credits, there was a surprising ending. It didn’t showed it on Netflix perhaps it was the rated version or maybe the unrated version or I fell asleep…..Never mind that now. So eventually the head of Chucky was still alive and alone in the cabin but then somebody comes in and that surprising character was Kyle (Christine Elise) from Child’s Play 2 as a short cameo. That was the biggest surprise ever where at the very end she says to Chucky, “Andy sent me, we’re gonna have some fun”. That means she either kills him or takes him to rescue Andy from the clinic to prove that he is not crazy.


So more likely she may return for the eighth chucky movie and probably many others. What did you all think of that ending? Comment down below to give me your answer.