Surprising Easter Eggs in, “IT”.

So eventually I went to see IT for the second time in theaters and found a couple of more movie posters that I didn’t see before and here are the list of movies that are in “IT” LOL.


Both the poster of Beetlejuice and Gremlins were in Bill’s room.




Batman and Lethal Weapon 2 appeared in the movie theaters while Richie                         was messing around the kid’s tuba.





A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child also popped up in the theater when Bill went to find Richie at the arcade room.




Each of these movies back then, they kind of used were the elements of horror, action, and mischief. Pennywise is the combination between of Freddy, Beetlejuice, and the gremlins, while the lucky seven kids were the combination of Batman and Lethal Weapon. If there was anything else that I missed comment down below.

Remember, “We all float down here and you will too”.




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