What if Freddy faces off Chucky?

So ever since the 2003 horror brawl film of, “Freddy vs Jason” where these two iconic slashers go head to head but it turned to be a tie-breaker. None of them can’t die, so what if everyone imagine if Freddy fought another supernatural killer like Chucky. I know it’s a weird thought but think about it, they’re both supernatural, make all these crazy/ridiculous puns before or after they kill their victims, and the best laughs ever. If Freddy and Chucky ever fight off then one of would possess at each other but Chucky will might have the opportunity to take Freddy’s body if he ever brings him into the real world. But Freddy can also posses his victims too if Chucky ever falls asleep he can pretend to be the Chucky doll or better posses any of the good guy dolls. However if they do make a movie out of that it’ll be up to New Line Cinema and Universal to brings rights to these characters and make it an crossover horror movie brawl again. I would imagine that these two would’ve fought but seriously either talk trash to each other rather than fighting.



What do you think, should they make this kind of movie or not?