The trailer to the origin of “Leatherface”. Will this origin or reboot reboot be good or terrible?

Well another origin to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, only this time is going to be focusing on Leatherface and how did he go all deform and wearing human skin-face as mask. After from the 2013’s Texas Chainsaw in 3D it was a BIG flop and the timeline was a mess, but the kills I didn’t mind and Leatherface was in it too. Plus the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning back in 2006 showed us how the family became psycho killers and cannibals, but it was the Hewitt family and not the Sawyers. Now, when I first saw this trailer I thought it was a fan-made because of At&t Direct logo was shown so I thought it was fake, then as I kept watching it Leatherface movie is the real deal. Plus it shows Leatherface when he was a little boy and he had a normal face so it turns out his origin will be different like the other Texas Chainsaw franchises. He’ll be going from a normal boy turning into a psychotic chainsaw massacre. I’ll give it a shot on watching this film in theaters and if it’s crappy or a mess up timeline like in 2013’s Texas Chainsaw, then screw it I’m done with the Chainsaw movies.