The new trailer to,”IT”.

So with upcoming horror movies that I want to see soon of this year. Leatherface and Jigsaw and especially, “IT”. So eventually the new trailer to IT came out and wow it was very darker and scary than the last one. Something tells me that this reboot will scare the pants out of us and doesn’t disappoints us. Out of all the reboots that I’ve seen so far were a bit fair or not as good as the original. Now the main question is will it keep the elements and to be as very terrifying like it is on the trailer or will it be kinda campy and lay off the scary/jumping scenes from this trailer? Time will tell because as I know that this remake will be as scary as the 1990s, “IT” and bring us the fear of clowns….Even so that I’m not afraid of clowns.



I hope nobody here is afraid of clowns.