Upcoming shows for The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow this fall.


So eventually SDCC brought up for the upcoming shows from the CW is all four trailers to Arrow season 6, The Flash season 4, Supergirl season 3, and Legends of Tomorrow season 3. I’m very excited too see them back on October in which that’ll be after NYC Comic Con starting off with Supergirl season 3 on Monday, then begins The Flash season 4 and along with Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday, and lastly the sixth season of Arrow on Wednesday. I am looking forward really is to see both The Flash and Arrow the most and kinda how Supergirl will go through. Legends of Tomorrow trailer looks pretty good but however with time line being out of control from the season finale really concerns me, but we will see how it goes.


  1. Supergirl Season 3 (trailer)


For this trailer of Supergirl is pretty intense but why do I have the feeling it’s going to be a soap opera show. For the first season it was a action/comic book show then the second season the first half was really intense and epic because Superman was brought in but only for a couple of episodes and the season finale. The second half became a drama show for the love scenes between of Kara and Mon-El. Now in the third season as you can see that Kara is struggling between of being human and a kryptonian, plus she lost Mon-El. Now she must face the biggest threat coming and protect the people she loves.


2. The Flash season 4 (trailer)


The trailer to the fourth season of The Flash is pretty good and it shows Iris trying to stay strong like Barry told her. Team Flash faces off a samurai that wants The Flash for some reason, I hope they explain about it. Then we see Caitlin Snow returning and re-joining the team again. Lastly, we see “The Flash” running but the question is it Barry Allen coming back or Wally West becoming the next Flash?


3. Legends of Tomorrow season 3 (trailer)


This trailer shows on the aftermath where the Legends screwed time. So now they have to fix their mistakes and put everything back the way it was. It actually shows “The Legends” at a carnival and other places to fix the past plus some secrets from the team. It’s pretty not to intense then the first two seasons, but I’ll give it another chance.


4. Arrow season 6 (trailer)


This sixth season trailer shows the continuation where Oliver stops Chase but he shoots himself in the head and island starts blowing up. We’re not to sure if everyone got out from island before it was completely gone and destroyed. I wasn’t to sure what Oliver said to his son either he said, “Batman” or “Bad-Man”. If he did said Batman practically an easter egg will might show that the dark knight can exist in this dc universe, but we will have to wait and see. This season will be really darker and probably the end of Arrow as in becoming the last season of this show. Like The Flash I’ll be looking forward to see it once it comes back.


So which shows are you looking to see this fall? Let me know in the comments down below. PEACE!!!