P.M.R.Bonez88’s Summer Horror Movie Review: Phantasm II (1988)

The Director Don Cosacarelli returns to direct, “Phantasm II”. This sequel turn out be a horror cult classic but due to negative reviews and the rotten tomatoes gave it a poor rating for part II. The first one was a straight out horror movie and it was dark and terrifying. Part II was both horror and action but I felt that the element of horror was starting to fade down and kinda lighting some scenes up including the violence was toned down. However to me it was a thrilling horror action ride and seeing Angus Scrimm (R.I.P) to play as The Tall Man made him look more scary and horrifying to see. Dwarves running around, flying spheres, killing and gushing out blood it’s insane.



Reggie Bannister returns for the second time and his character becomes more evolving and developing to be as a soldier. Once a ice cream truck driver and now a demon slayer and stopping The Tall Man’s destruction.


He is a badass Motha’.


If they made it into a director’s cut for Phantasm II it would’ve been very darker and horrifying to audience around. If you watched the first Phantasm movie and scared the pants out of you then perhaps Phantasm II would take you to into another world and seeing The Tall Man screaming out BOOOYYY!!!