Did Spider-Man Homecoming messed up the timeline?!? (Warning Spoiler Alert)

Okay, so I’ve been hearing news about Spider-Man homecoming messing up the timeline on the MCU. Well I realized that they did because according to sources in the beginning where we see the aftermath of the battle in New York City which that took place in 2012 which where The Vulture and his men are cleaning up the mess until Damage Control comes in and take over the operation. But at that point what screwed the timeline is where Peter Parker goes to Germany with Stark and fighting Captain America and it takes place 8 years later so what just happened there? Civil War took place in the year 2016 so it should’ve taken place 4 years later. Was there a gap that was missing or was it just a error on the date? The MCU better have an explanation about this otherwise this will be a problem for them. Homecoming might’ve hit the box office and made great money, but the timeline to it was a BIG boo-boo so hope they fix this gap and try to explain of what happen on the extra 2 years.



Too bad this wasn’t in the movie but they were advertising it for the NBA playoffs.