P.M.R.Bonez88’s Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

A sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit up on the big screen. Returning director Marc Webbs direct this film again. Along with the returning cast Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Sally Field. New stars join in for part 2 Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. The tone was different from the first one and including the theme to it too. Although I felt like this was almost like Spider-Man 3 because due to too many characters, the un-explain plot, and the love scenes like they were just rushing it and not taking their time. It wasn’t really too much of a mess Amazing Spider-Man 2 was an not bad decent sequel and it made some good money at the box office. Plus the visual effects were great and Garfield wore another suit so at least they brought back the traditional suit than the other one from part 1. When I reviewed TASM 2 it was still in theaters and I saw it twice, one time by myself and the second time with my friends. I enjoyed it and wasn’t really disappointed, just a little bit when I got out from the theaters.


A few things that did kinda bothered me were the villains especially Electro played by Jamie Foxx. Electro had this weird theme including how the way he talked to himself before he turned into Electro. His real name was Max, worked at Oscorp, and is obsessed of Spider-Man until he changed into Electro and starts to hate the wall crawler. I would only think that this character was crazy but he was like The Riddler from Batman Forever except more sinister and a bit wacky. But when he faced off Spider-Man the action is great and the fighting sequence is intense.

The first fight between Spider-Man and Electro.


The second fight between Spider-Man and Electro.


Plus with Harry Osborn played by Dane Haan they bring up The Green Goblin up to the last minute after the fight of Electro. It was slapped right in there and including Gwen’s death. Why did they do it? And what’s with the make-up he didn’t look like the Goblin (not even close).



Also they tried to do a spinoff for The Amazing Spider-Man which was The Sinister Six then have The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to come on board, but Sony once again cancelled to both of these films. Clearly they left the second one as a cliffhanger again how disappointed. Either way The Amazing movies weren’t too bad especially for part 2 it’s not like Spider-Man 2 (2004), but it was enjoying superhero movie.




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