P.M.R.Bonez88’s Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The Amazing Spider-Man was directed by Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield was the next to play as the web slinger Spider-Man. I believe it was too soon to reboot the film because a couple of people still remembers the Sam Rami trilogy of Spider-Man. At first Rami was going to make a fourth Spider-Man movie and the next villain he would’ve faced was the Vulture but then Sam Rami turned it down and so did the cast and crews as well. Since Webb was on board to make this film, probably wasn’t too sure if I wanted to see it but I decided to go see it ever since they showed the trailer to this reboot. It’s actually the same story Peter Parker gets bit by a spider and gets super powers, his uncle gets killed and becomes Spider-Man. We didn’t have to see the same thing we all know how he becomes the wall crawler and not to see his uncle Ben died, but the rest of movie isn’t so bad I really enjoyed, “The Amazing Spider-Man” just for the fun of it. Since I reviewed the first Amazing Spider-Man 5 years back along with The Dark Knight Rises:


Andrew Garfield did pulled it off of being Spider-Man because he had the wits and jokes a lot just as Spidey suppose to be but when he’s Peter he’s way too cool and since when he becomes a skate boarding pro? The character is suppose to be a fully on bookworm nerd not a Tony Hawk wanna be geek. Emma Stone playing as Gwen Stacey she did a good job of playing the role terrific job and better than the Spider-Man 3 Gwen.


They make a great couple together don’t you think?


The storyline was pretty the same but very dark and violent. The action of course was very intense and speaking of intense and a bit of weird is the lizard. How the way they designed it look like one of the Goombas from ’93s Super Mario Bros. except his head isn’t shrunk haha. They could’ve improving his design just a little bit and making him a real Lizard monster.


Yep, he does look like a Goomba.



The Amazing Spider-Man is quite enjoyable and the actors and actresses did a great job of playing their characters and the visual effects were “Amazing”. Even though they had to show us the same story over again. But once Spider-Man Homecoming hits in theaters this Friday I’ll be reviewing it soon.