Spider-Man 3 Editor’s Cut is it better or no?

Everyone has dying to see the editor’s cut of the third Spider-Man movie. Even I wanted to see it. There were a few scenes that are alternated and added scenes in the movie this time but not too much. I wanted to expect more scenes in it. However Spider-Man 3 is a little better, but approximately isn’t quite like Spider-Man 2.1. Unfortunately it’s still not the best sequel and Rami tried to make it much more darker. I still wanted to see more of Peter wearing the black suit and get rid of the emo look and that ridiculous dance during the club scene. Plus some music scores are different and that tried to fit from a couple of scenes in the movie. I reviewed the original Spider-Man 3 on my youtube channel:


Clearly I think the editor’s cut is quite better than the original and some scenes were alternate and cut to make it look darker. Either way it’s still not quite the best sequel but I would say part 3 is fair superhero movie. If anyone hasn’t seen the editor’s cut I would just say check it out and you be the judge.


Rate it: 6.5/10