The Exclusive Cult of Chucky Trailer (Red Band)

The red band trailer of Cult of Chucky is now here. Of course it’s not going into theaters but going straight to Blu-Ray and DVD. So now this will take place after the event of Curse of Chucky where Andy is on a date and talking about what happened when Chucky came after him when he was a kid. Then meanwhile Nica was sent in a mental institution and trying to forget about Chucky but however the nightmare isn’t over yet. It’s just the beginning….So far this trailer really dark and more scarier than Curse of Chucky. Once this movie comes to Blu-Ray this October I’ll get it or if they have it on Netflix I’ll check it out and see if it’s scary just like Curse of Chucky. Some of you may not be scared of this doll killer but Chucky is more sinister and psychotic.