They should bring back Catherine Hicks and Chris Saradon for Cult of Chucky.

 With Cult of Chucky still filming and having the cast coming back. My mind is still wondering about bringing back Catherine Hicks and Chris Saradon back to play as Mrs. Barkley and Detective Mike Norris. They haven’t appeared in the other Child’s Play franchises ever since the first one, but only showed pictures of Andy’s mom from Child’s Play 2 and 3. Along with the ending credit scene of Curse of Chucky where Andy is talking to his mom but no audio voice and still has the picture of her. And as for Detective Norris didn’t really appeared nor mentioned from any other sequels, but I believe they should bring those two back so it’ll be a BIG reunion. Plus I have some ideas and theories of how they can bring them back.


 So for Mrs. Barkley in Child’s Play 2 the corporations of the Good Guy dolls mention she was in a mental hospital because they didn’t believe her story that the doll was alive so she was committed for years. But later she was released from the mental hospital and now she is working there now but then sees Nica (Fiona Dourif from Curse of Chucky) there probably all crazy and messed up in the head thanks to Chucky. She talks to her and explain her story of how she met him and was in a situation as she is all mental and very sick. Therefore they can work together and Mrs. Barkley helps Nica out to get out and escape from the hospital. 

 Mrs. Barkley and Nica found a retire Norris no longer a detective and probably all drunk and depressed. Still thinking of that event where Chucky tried to kill him before but he was the one that shot him in the heart. He worries that Chucky will come back to finish off of what he started 29 years ago. Mrs. Barkley attempts to talk to him and ask for her help, at first he refuses to help and doesn’t want to be involved in it but then he realized that he saved both Andy and his mother before so he decides to help them out and stop Chucky’s reign of terror once and for all. 


So that’s my theory on them returning for the seventh film just for one last time to fight off Chucky. If they don’t have a longer role at least bring them back as cameos instead.