Returning and familiar casts for, “Cult of Chucky”.

Well it’s been confirmed that director Don Manicini will directed this seventh Chucky movie and so far the casts that will return from the Child’s Play series. They will add more actors and actresses for part 7, but what really sucks is going straight to blu-ray and DVD instead in theaters ever since, “Curse of Chucky” was originally going into theaters but went straight to DVD because it would’ve failed at the box office. So anyways here are the list of cast members that are coming back and will appear in this sequel:


1. Brad Dourif


 Which we all know he’s definitely on board to voice as Chucky once again. He’s been voicing this killing doll for almost 30 years, so will be hearing him doing iconic laugh and does what he does best.



2. Jennifer Tilly



She’ll return to play as Tiffany (Chucky’s ex-wife or wife I don’t know what they are anymore). In “Bride of Chucky” he turned her into the doll and then got married and had a kid in, “Seed of Chucky” until she finally got the body of Jennifer Tilly so she was human again. Then after at the end of, “Curse of Chucky” she made an cameo where she slit the cop’s throat, took Chucky, and mailed it to the girl or at Andy’s place. 





3. Fiona Dourif 


 Brad Dourif’s daughter comes back from, “Curse of Chucky”. She played as the parapelgic woman name Nica Pierce and the survivor from encountering Chucky and was committed in an mental institution, plus being accused for killing her family which Chucky framed her. 


“Yep, she’s lost it.”


4. Alex Vincent 



 I save the best for last, he returns once again to play as Andy Barkley from Child’s Play 1 and 2. Ever since from his absence from the rest of the Child’s Play franchise 3-Seed of Chucky, he makes a combat and a cameo at the very ending after the credits that he calls his mom and gets a package from the mail that Chucky mailed himself. He brings shotgun and Chucky yells out his name, “Andy”. Then we aren’t to sure if Andy shot him or not. But we will find out once the movie comes. 


He’s been playing the character when he was only 6 years old and now that he’s all grown up he’s ready to kick some ass. No more Mr. Nice Guy.




So these are the cast so far returning from the Child’s Play franchise. It’s almost like a reunion for the cast and crew because they’ve been making these Chucky movies for 29 years closer to 30 years. Who else should come back in Cult of Chucky? Even if they have a cameo. Chucky’s back and keep a shotgun close to you.