Transformers movie ranks From Worst to Best.

With Transformers: The Last Knight in theaters now, considering it to be the last one for Michael Bay. Now it’s time to rank all the Transformers movies from being the worst to the best one. I’ll be filming and ranking them soon just for right now I’m only going to write and rank all five Transformer movies. Once I see The Last Knight, I’ll review it to see if it’s any good or not, something tells me it won’t the best finale.

5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)


Yeah technically this was quite the worst out of all the Transformer movies. The storyline didn’t make sense nor it fit to this movie. Plus with Shia LeBeouf screaming for Optimus and Bumblebee whenever he’s in trouble started to irritated me and audience too. A few things that good about it was the action including the forrest fight between Optimus and 3 decepticons facing off:

That was the only scene that was pretty intense and Optimus died for about 30 minutes of this film. Plus with the Fallen we only see him in a couple of scenes so what was the point of having him. It was a waste of a character and the plot to this movie made no sense at all. And they had to added the matrix of leadership? That was just random and popped out of nowhere.Not to mention some inappropriate jokes too that weren’t meant to be in this film. In other words it was a let down, backlash sequel and should’ve titled it as, “Transformers 2”.

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I’m sorry Revenge of the Fallen, but it appears you have “Fallen” down into the bottomless pit of death.

Rate: 5.4/10

4. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)


Well once again this turned out to be another let down and is it just me or the even numbers are the only ones that are bad and the odd number movies are better? The good thing about it is that Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox aren’t in it. Mark Wahlberg steps into this fourth Transformer movie and takes the action of battling with the autobots. It was a fresh start and bringing new faces. I reviewed this movie when it was in theaters and I thought it was an ok decent Transformer movie.



Optimus Prime design looked very amazing and including with all the Transformer characters too. But throughout this movie Prime is always angry and starts to become an avenging Autobot, which I find it very badass of him. But with the storyline and the concept was really rushed and unexplained. Unfortunately the lack of characters, the comical relieve was taking it too far, and why would the KSI team created Galvatron and was only there for a couple of scenes then was totally forgotten. Too many were put in to this fourth film and bringing up the Dinobots up to the last minute really made it to high pressure and really out of control.

I rated this movie before and felt disappointed of how the story was not processing at all.

Rate: 6/10 (still the same)

3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)


Now the third film did brought up some theories of the Transformers and used some elements from the G1 series. Michael Bay did toned down the comical jokes (a bit) and some interesting action but kind of too much explosions happening. With the original cast return and Sam’s new love interest, including Leonard Nimoy voicing Sential Prime (he also did the voice of Galvatron from the ’86 animated movie Transformers). I wouldn’t say it’s the best sequel to the Transformers franchises but it was only good because it showed much more of the Transformers and less of the humans.

Eventually Dark of the Moon a fair good movie and it did attempt to keep it true to the Transformer series, but still if they could’ve just lay off the comical jokes it would’ve been a good trilogy. Plus how come Shockwave was only there for the beginning and closer to the end, I thought he would’ve been the main villain for Optimus and the autobots to face off but he wasn’t. Overall it’s my favorite because like I said it showed more of the transformers.


I would give Dark of the Moon a chance to watch.

Rate: 7.6/10

2. Transformers (2007)


Director Michael Bay and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg made this first film and it became a BIG hit action sci-fi Transformer movie and hit the box office at the worldwide. However it gave the transformers give them a new look and quite different from the G1 series. I would say this to be my most favorite out of the other transformer sequels that just turned out to be a waste and ruined the franchises. Which includes to star Shia LaBouf to be main hero star and the grease monkey hot chick Megan Fox to be in this first film.

Peter Cullen was the only one that return voice none other than Optimus Prime. The rest were all new and big stars to voice as other Transformer characters except for Bumblebee because all he ever communicates is on his radio or beeps sometimes. I didn’t like that of Bee because he talked back but throughout franchises Bay wanted to keep him not talking and using the radio. But neither than that I only liked were the amazing visual effects, the action scenes were fantastic and the transformers kicking some ass.

Approximately the 2007 Transformers is 10 years old and its still holding up with amazing effects and the action scene too.

Rate: 8/10

1. Transformers the movie (1986)


Now this was the true Transformer movie unlike with the live action franchises it showed how we suppose to see are the actual Transformers to be the main characters and not the humans. The opening begins with an rock n roll music in the background while the credits were flying and lighting up to see the biggest stars in this animated movie.

It had numerous of rock n roll and pop music in this movie but a few things that I felt disappointed and a little upset which was killing off the main transformer characters from season 1 and wanted to introduce to new characters. Including Optimus Prime and Megatron fight to the death. Especially killing off the important and popular character the Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Plus it was taken place of between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 of, “The Transformers series”. 



Since I reviewed this animated movie, once again this was a childhood memory and unforgettable Transformers movie. If anyone didn’t see it, I would highly recommend you all to see this animated movie and forget the Michael Bay live action Transformer movies because this is the actual and true Transformer movie.

Rate: 8.7/10

So do you agree with my ranking of all 5 Transformer movies? What’s your favorite Transformer movie? And is The Last Knight worth watching or not? Let me know what you think and I’ll be reviewing more movies soon. And as always, “Transform and Roll Out!!!”




  1. Technically speaking it’s not a michael bay movie it’s paramount studios and hasbro bay is just a director stop blaming 1 person and start blaming all 3 hasbro paramount studios and bay and yes 1986 movie is phenomenal but take in consideration changes are made for each generation of kids we can’t live in the past any longer we are adult’s thank you


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