What if Tom Savini’s Jason Voorhees was use in the next Friday the 13th movie?

So I started playing the game Friday the 13th and it is really intense, but now what I want to know is when will they ever make another Friday the 13th movie? When I saw this image of this new Jason design I was astounding that Tom Savini would return to create this new and improve Jason. Imagine if they have a storyline and take the aftermath either Freddy vs Jason or Jason goes to Hell. Plus bringing Kane Hodder back to wear the hockey mask for one last time to be the ultimate killer Jason Voorhees from Hell.


Now the story will have Jason coming back from Hell and along side with Freddy helping him out even if they fought each since FVJ but they decided to end the fight and work together. He returns to Camp Crystal Lake and continues on killing the camp counselors and a little different is sending them all to hell either dead or alive. Thom Matthews would return to play as Tommy Jarvis and fighting off Jason again.



If they ever make this kind of Friday the 13th movie and make it really dark and terrifying of the audience. Also having Tom Savini coming back to do this design of this new and scary Jason plus Savini can directed this movie. If they ever try to “Reboot” this film and taking the direction in the right step then perhaps they can pull it off. And if Kane Hodder is up to return play as the hockey mask killer Jason Voorhees then it would be a reunion and a farewell to this character. So what do you think? Hope you all enjoying playing the Friday the 13th game and not getting killed by Jason or if your enjoying playing as Jason and killing all the camp counselors.