Will Bumblebee finally talk in, “The Last Knight”?

Well eventually alot of fans wanted Bumblebee to talk throughout the Transformers franchises, but he has been a mute and using his radio for him to talk. Well not really only took some words from shows, news, and movie references to make sentences. He did spoke back in 2007 Transformers at the end and we all thought he would be talking throughout the whole sequels but sadly he didn’t which it SUCKED!!!


See he talked in the first film so why couldn’t he talk and not use his radio for him to talk.


Now in The Last Knight both Cade and Izabella are trying to fix Bumblebee’s voice but however didn’t work. All it had was a female robot voice and didn’t fit for him, so the question remains to us will he be able to talk or not? We’ll find out once The Last Knight hits in theaters and please let Bee talk.