Tom Hardy will play as Venom.

 Sony has confirmed that Tom Hardy will be playing as Venom. At first I thought it was rumor and wasn’t to sure if it was true or not but they confirmed it and the rumor is true that he will play as Venom in a solo movie. Now will it be based on the comics of Venom’s origin and be Rated “R”? And will he fight Spider-Man or Carnage? Ever since from Spider-Man 3 that Topher Grace played Venom really disappointed a lot of fans and the way they killed him off I was furious because Venom cannot die unless crazy noise or fire kills it then he’ll die. I believe Tom Hardy will be great as Venom because he’s got the height and the body built of him and lets hope he said, “We, us, and ours” both Brock and Venom are two separate beings.


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 I read the graphic novel of Venom’s Origin and it was really dark and terrifying. If they go at that route and make it a rated R marvel movie then Sony must go for it and do it right this time. So far what Sony did with the Spider-Man films they try too hard and especially how they made Venom from Spider-Man 3 they really rushed it and screwed up his origin. Do you think that Tom Hardy is perfect to play as Venom?