What will happen in Season 4 of The Flash and will Wally West be the next Flash?

After from the season finale of The Flash season 3, where Barry Allen goes to the speed force for his punishment for making, “Flash-Point”. Now that he is gone….for now at least the question remains what will happen in the next season? Since he defeated Savitar, Caitlin Snow turns into Killer Frost but she’s not evil anymore and leaves Team Flash, and is Wally West going to be the next Flash? Approximately he might only if Barry returns from the speed force. What I think is in season 4 we’ll see Barry in a couple of episodes while he’s in the speed force and Wally will take over to be the next Flash and protect Central City from Meta Humans.



And if Caitlin Snow isn’t her nor Killer Frost then what is she? She said in this scene that she is something more but not too sure what she is. Well to me she will always be Caitlin Snow when she’s good but bad Killer Frost. This won’t be the last time we’ll see her, she’ll come back in the next season. Rather if she’s Caitlin Snow or Killer Frost.



So if they go on this route and if Barry ever tries to get out of the speed force to return as The Flash or Team Flash tries to bring him back. Lets hope they don’t keep Barry dead throughout the whole season and future seasons as well. We will find out this fall and don’t remake this show either.