Spider-Man: homecoming final trailer

So I saw the final trailer of Spider-Man: Homecoming that’ll be coming in theaters July 7th. There a few new scenes and the rest were the same but I am really stoke to see it once it hits in theaters. So now we see that Spider-Man gets the suit from Tony Stark and when he puts it on its baggy and doesn’t fit him but then he hits the spider button in the middle and begins from being baggy to fit. I find it interesting how the suit goes from not fitting him to fit him that was really cool. Then, another scene where he faces off the Vulture that Spidey will battle plus the Shocker too. Also we will see Tony Stark (Iron Man) will be in this film (of course) probably 10 or 15 minutes. He’ll might help out Spider-Man fighting the Vulture and the Shocker but we will see. I’m a HUGE Spider-Man fan, I collected the comics, watch the tv shows, the movies, and the costume, once this movie comes to theaters I will be reviewing and hope it doesn’t disappoints me.



So here’s my question to you all folks. Are you interested going to see Spider-Man homecoming? And what is your favorite part in this trailer? PEACE!!!





  1. Yes, I will surely watch the movie in theatre. My favourite part in the trailer is the vdo tapes of peter parker as a young mind…All the adventures he did was so grateful to him and his desperation to join the avengers is so crazy…..Tom did his part very well as a kid…

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