Can Elisabeth Shaw become the Queen Alien?

Alien Covenant is now in theaters, but there were scenes that were deleted or never made it to the film. Such as whatever happen to Elisabeth Shaw after both her and David escape from “Prometheus”. There’s some theories of what happened to her and seeing Shaw’s fate is where Shaw died and David used her body to make her as the new alien breed. In a couple of scenes from the movie it shows a hologram of her controlling the ship and it looks like she was either turning into an alien or the hologram was kind of blurry because we couldn’t see her face and a picture of Shaw dead or becoming the new kind of xenomorph monster.






You can’t even see her face but something was happening to her. It turns out that she was mutating into the Queen Alien if it’s a possibility. There are a couple of easter eggs that we’ll might see the Queen in the next prequel once it links up to the 1979’s “Alien” and Ripley’s story.


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