The Fourth and Final Trailer To Transformers: The Last Knight

The Final Trailer to The Last Knight has a few more scenes and watched it twice to see how it looks. Well it turns we’ll get to see more autobots and decepticons battling each other but still the humans are always the main characters. In the beginning we see a new character with Cade and Grimlock at the junkyard so now we’re going to have another comical sidekick. Bumblebee in action once again and has a few tricks that at the end once he transforms he falls apart and I’m like, “WHAT?!?” and all of a sudden he re-assembles back together so I wanna know how did he learn that? And I hope at the end he finally gets to talk because having him talking on radio it’s starting to annoy me.



So once again when this movie comes in theater I’ll watch it and hope it doesn’t disappoint me (Probably will).


Another civil war battle, but its between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.