Megatron returning, but how will he come back?

With Transformers the Last Knight coming in theaters next month and Megatron coming back to the franchise. The main question is, “How will Megatron come back?”




Everyone has been asking questions and theories of Megatron’s return, even I want to see how does he come back? After from “Age of Extinction” that he became Galvatron from the company, “KSI” which it was plain dull and pissed off a lot of fans because as far as I know that he was created by Unicron from the 1986 animated film, “Transformers: the movie.


Now what I think and it’s my own theory that he goes back to Lockdown’s ship and gets an upgrade that turns back into Megatron or he gets capture by the creators along with Optimus Prime and they give him the upgrade and change his name back to Megatron instead of Galvatron. Ever since, “Age of Extinction” Galvatron didn’t had much scenes and at the end when he sees Optimus leaving he said, “We shall meet again Prime, for I am reborn”. That means he would come back but more powerful and stronger than he ever was.

Also who will voice Megatron Frank Welker (which he was the original voice of Megatron in Transformers G1 series and the ’86 movie) or somebody else because Hugo Weaving did not want to return to voice Megatron for the fourth time. He did voice Megatron in all 3 Transformers movie, but he wasn’t really interested to come back. I believe Frank Welker should voice as Megatron since he voiced Galvatron in Age of Extinction, I mean why not??



“All Hail Megatron!!!” He’s back for good.