The 1st Trailer of Stephen King’s, “IT” reboot review

Based off the novel by Stephen King’s, “IT” and the original 1990 horror film, now comes the official trailer of this remake, “IT”. This gave most people the chills and goosebumps that Pennywise the clown is more terrifying and sinister than Tim Curry’s performance when he was the, “IT” clown. For this film does retell about this supernatural clown monster terrorizing the town and killing kids. Some may say it looks crappy and it ain’t as better than the original or the book, but to me I think it’s the most horrifying that I ever seen so far I mean it’s just trailer until I see it in theaters.


This trailer really got me hyped.


Ever since for the original, I saw it back in high school I wasn’t that scared because getting into the horror phase and watching it in the dark. Not even Pennywise the clown didn’t really scared either. Some may be afraid of clowns but to me I’m not afraid of clowns.