P.M.R.Bonez88’s Horror Slasher Movie Review: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

After from my previous review of Nightmare on elm Street 5 The Dream Child and Dark Shadow gave me nightmares of Freddy. I haven’t slept in weeks thanks to him. So me and him team up again to review Freddy’s Dead The “so call” Final Nightmare. Out of all nightmare movies this was the lowest and goofy horror movie. Rachel Talalay directed this sixth film and Robert Englund once again to put on his glove and slicing and dicing for some more children to kill. Eventually he was now a big joke and wasn’t that scary anymore. But it added some surprising secrets and revealing Freddy’s lost child.





Too many puns, gags, and most of the horror elements were lost, it turned out to be a horror/comedy spoof film with Freddy in it. Honestly couldn’t make it serious if they did try to have a director’s cut of it. Only what was good about this film was just Robert Englund returning to play as Freddy Krueger and also Lezlie Deane kicking ass too.



“Ha, Freddy always gets his ass kicked by the ladies” -Dark Shadow