Another reboot to The Fly……Please tell me their joking, Are they?!?

Ok, how many times we are going to see “The Fly” being rebooted? We’ve seen it many times including a couple of sequels(which they weren’t too good at all). The Fly movie that I use to grow up on was the 1986 The Fly with Jeff Goldblum, at first I thought it was a stand alone movie but it turned out to be a reboot and re-imagine to the 1958 original The Fly with Vincent Price. Now as I’m hearing that they are going to rebooted and to be more scarier than the others, but I think they should leave it alone we don’t want anymore reboots to the original.



The 1986 reboot is a better reboot and doesn’t have to be reboot again, because it had the elements of horror and sci-fi to keep the movie balancing. Also with the transformation and the effects were very stunning and very terrifying.


That scene use to give me nightmares.


So the question remains, Do we need another reboot to The Fly? I rather say no because some reboot horror movies aren’t good than the original.


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  1. This would be the second reboot in 60 years. It has been 31 years since the first reboot and 28 years since The Fly II, the last in the series of 5 films. There were more Saw films between 2001-2010 than Fly films since 1958. I don’t think they risk over doing it.

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