P.M.R.Bonez88’s Superhero Movie Review: Superman III (1983)

A third Superman movie came out in theaters 3 years later after from the success of Superman II, Christopher Reeve returns to play the Man of Steel once again. However mixture reviews about this third film but mostly were negative reviews because it turns out that Superman III was starting to become a comical and very campy. Probably it was started to become a comedy spoof superhero movie. I find it an okay Superman movie but having Richard Pryor made it too corny and comedic. At this point on with part III went down hill and lost the epic, hope, and action for Superman. The first one had a great storyline and the origin of Superman, the second was a big success and great action scenes too, and the third was a big flop and not much big than the first two.



This was the only good scene of Superman III where bad Superman fights off with his alter-ego Clark Kent.