P.M.R.Bonez88’s Summer Horror Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child (1989)

Summer is almost over and end it I’m reviewing a 1989 horror film, “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child”. Freddy is back and he wants to become a daddy by using Alice’s child to become him. Directed by Stephen Hopkins and stars Lisa Wilcox, Robert Englund, and Danny Hassel. Nightmare 5 didn’t make too much money than the other films and due  to the lack of horror and visual effects might’ve became a downfall to the nightmare series.



Freddy gets the stick in his mouth.



Even though The Dream Child wasn’t the best out of all the nightmare series, but it was surely a fair horror slasher movie just to enjoy and watch Freddy kill but he’s not there too much. Freddy started to take the puns a little too far and beginning to become a comical character. At that point the Nightmare franchises started to go downhill.