P.M.R.Bonez88’s Horror Slasher Movie Review: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

The seventh Friday the 13th film came in January 1988. Directed by John Carl Buechler and Kane Hodder was introduced to be the next Jason. Originally it was gonna have a crossover between Freddy and Jason fighting but since they scratch that idea (would’ve been awesome if they did it then). Sooo it was a battle between Jason and the psychic girl Tina in the new blood.



There were a few problems due to all scenes being cut because of the MPAA’s so this film would be Rated R. In my opinion they could’ve kept the scenes and when it came in blu-ray and dvd it would have a unrated version but since Paramount lost the deleted scenes we’re stuck the this rated R Part 7 version. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The New Blood is still one of my favorite Friday the 13th films and even love the make-up of this new Jason played Kane Hodder (The Legend as Jason).


Now tell this doesn’t scare you and gives you nightmares huh? Gory and realistic I would say.